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Wealth Management

When you entrust us with your assets, we take the time to understand your personal and financial objectives. Our strategy for portfolio growth is tailored to your needs and focused on your peace of mind. It is our conviction that in order to serve you well, we need to know you. As a Discretionary client of Capstone Asset Management, we will provide consistent direction and feedback on your investments. Our fee-based structure is designed to ensure that you receive unbiased advice and complete transparency. Our success is driven by a desire to serve the clients that we have taken the time to know.

We have the ability to manage your registered assets, including your RRSP, TFSA, RESP, RDSP, as well as Taxable, Corporate, Trust and Pension accounts. When entering into engagement, the client authorizes Capstone to act with full discretion in managing their investments
according to a pre-determined and agreed upon Investment Policy Statement. This benefits both parties by providing for the efficient and timely execution of investment strategies.

Capstone Asset Management is a member of the Portfolio Management Association of Canada.

Our Process

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1. Define Goals

We analyze your investment assets in the context of your overall net worth. We take into consideration your past financial experiences and your future vision and goals.

2. Create Strategy

After capturing your goals, we discuss your risk profile. By considering your capacity for loss, your needs, and your appetite for risk, we determine a strategic asset allocation that is appropriate. This information is recorded in your Investment Policy Statement, which is used to govern how we manage your investments.

3. Implement Portfolio

After signing an Investment Policy Statement, we implement the recommended strategic asset allocation.

4. Ongoing Review

Client meetings are held on a regular basis with one of our Portfolio Managers. Client updates are provided in the form of quarterly statements and newsletters. We proactively monitor and rebalance your portfolio to ensure that it falls within the guidelines of the Investment Policy Statement. As your circumstances change, we will intentionally reevaluate your goals and objectives for your investments and adjust your portfolio accordingly.



Foundation Services

Living generously is a value that we are passionate about. We are always pleased to see clients stepping forward in faith and discipline to give generously and to bless others. To make the giving process simple, a Donor Advised Foundation helps clients establish a giving plan for the short or long term distribution of those funds.

A foundation is an excellent way to create a legacy of giving for you and your family. Setting up a foundation is as simple as filling in a short application form and then making the donation.

Some advantages to a foundation include:

  • Allows you to recognize the donation today, while distributing the funds over time
  • Applies an Investment Policy to prepare for current or future gifts
  • Ensures that your giving plan is thoughtfully and efficiently executed, while serving the intended purpose
  • Allows the gift to remain anonymous, if desired
  • Provides flexibility to the giver by allowing gifts on behalf of a couple, family or group ("i.e., the Smith Family Foundation")
  • Engages the whole family in the act of giving

Anonymous Giving
Where desired, the Foundation allows you to make donations anonymously and still receive the same tax benefits.

Unbiased Giving
We work with the Canadian National Christian Foundation, a federally incorporated charitable Public Foundation serving the needs of the Christian community. While Capstone works with clients to identify their overriding financial and philanthropic objectives, we do not recommend or solicit on behalf of any specific charities.





At no time will Capstone be in possession of the assets in a client’s account. The physical possession of all assets of the Account will be held and administered by the Custodian or its appointed agent. The Custodian is a separate legal entity from Capstone.

Cancellation Policy

The Client may cancel their relationship with Capstone at any time by written notice without penalty. At such time, any fees due, but as yet unpaid will be billed. Any unearned fees paid in advance will be refunded.


Instead of a transactional or commission-based model, Capstone uses a competitive fee-for-service structure. This means our investment advice is independent and objective, because we don’t have to be loyal to a specific corporation or endorse any one investment model or vehicle.

Our fees are calculated on a tiered percentage basis set against a scale of assets with fee discounts beginning at the three million dollar level. There are no hidden fees and all costs are disclosed and agreed upon before moving forward with any service.

Assets Under Management Annual Fee
On the first $3,000,000 1.0%
Over the next $2,000,000 0.75%
Over the next $5,000,000 0.50%
Over the next $5,000,000 0.375%
Over $15,000,000 0.25%

To qualify for Capstone's Discretionary Management services, clients must have a minimum of $500,000 investable assets.


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