Business Development, Dealers

Elyse Vroom

Business Development, Dealers

Elyse’s role at Capstone allows her to work with current and prospective Dealers and Portfolio Managers. She’s always happy to answer questions about the different funds and their unique strategies, while walking new clients through our investment procedure.

Elyse has over 5 years of experience in back office fund operations and administration. Prior to her role in Business Development, Elyse worked with Stephen Smith as his Executive Assistant. While working alongside Stephen throughout the launch of Capstone’s four proprietary funds and one Limited Partnership, she gained the valuable experience and knowledge that allows her to be successful at her job today. 

Elyse is known for motivating the team with her positive attitude. Her ability to create advanced spreadsheets and reports has given her a reputation as the office problem-solver. In her spare time, Elyse can often be found traveling the globe, working in the kitchen at her church, or going on spontaneous road trips.