Uncompromised Pursuit of Value

Our team is dedicated to the growth and preservation of your investments. By investing in both traditional and non-traditional assets, we seek to provide investors with the maximum return for the level of risk taken. Each investment opportunity is tested against these principles: Value, Diversification, Security, and Efficiency.


  • Value

    We deliver excellent quality investments by understanding the true value of an opportunity, regardless of location or sector, and purchasing it at a price that delivers the best value to the investor.

  • Diverse

    We provide effective portfolio diversification by incorporating uncorrelated investments. By including traditional and non-traditional assets in our strategies, we maintain a variety of investments of differing characteristics. This approach lowers concentration risk and protects our investors’ capital.

  • Secure

    We minimize speculation and assess each investment opportunity on its potential for capital loss. Evaluating the downside potential as well as the targeted return is critical to determining the risk profile of each opportunity. By understanding the level of security for the risk taken, we preserve our investors’ capital.

  • Efficient

    We utilize a competitive fee structure, strategic relationships and other cost efficiencies to keep expenses low and maximize returns for investors.

Our Philosophy

A Biblical Worldview

Our investment approach is governed by our Biblical worldview. We believe the Bible has investment principles that are applicable to everyone. A Biblically informed philosophy towards our finances is far more encompassing than simple stock screening, or traditional “ethical investing”. Some principles and beliefs we apply regularly to our advice and research include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Preserve capital and minimize speculation
  • Do not presume upon the future
  • Minimize debt
  • Live and give generously
  • Steward the assets God entrusts to each of us


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