• Traditional Strategies

    A global approach, focused on seeking absolute value in the traditional arena of the stock and bond markets.

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  • Non-Traditional Strategies

    Looking to investment opportunities outside the traditional arena, adding breadth to any portfolio.

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  • Hybrid Strategies

    A combination of traditional and non-traditional strategies, creating a solution that is return driven, flexible and truly diversified.

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Uncompromised pursuit of value


Our team is dedicated to the growth and preservation of your investments. By investing in both traditional and non-traditional assets, we seek to provide investors with the maximum return for the level of risk taken. Each investment opportunity is tested against these principles: Value, Diversification, Security, and Efficiency. 

Investors' Journal

Investors were subjected to a dramatic drop in the North American stock markets as 2018 drew to a close. Many factors contributed to this volatility, such as rising interest rates, Canadian oil price declines, trade tensions, and concerns about slowing global growth. In this year-end edition of Investors' Journal take a look at the economic review for 2018, and read about changes to Capstone's Traditional Equity Pool.

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