Discretionary management

Discretionary clients of Capstone Asset Management can expect our qualified Portfolio Managers to act as fiduciaries on their behalf, demonstrating the highest standard of care where clients’ interests are placed first. Although acting with full discretion, investments are managed according to a pre-determined and agreed upon Investment Policy Statement where consistent direction and feedback is provided through regular meetings.  



  • Team Approach

    Our Investment Management Team (IMT) is responsible for research and analysis and works alongside the Investment Committee (IC) that ultimately reviews, assesses and approves any IMT recommendations.

  • Expertise

    Our team includes five Portfolio Managers, three of whom hold the prestigious CFA Charter. We are pleased to offer a high staff to client ratio with a strong office support staff.

  • Boutique

    Our small size allows us to be flexible and responsive. As the economic landscape shifts, we can quickly and effectively make any necessary changes.

  • Innovative Product

    Our clients benefit from exposure to unique investment opportunities, as we provide easy access through our Pooled Fund structures to both traditional and non-traditional markets.

  • Custody

    At no time will Capstone be in possession of the assets in a client’s account. The physical possession of all assets will be held and administered by the Custodian or its appointed agent, a separate legal entity from Capstone.

  • Fees

    Instead of a transactional or commission-based model, Capstone uses a competitive fee-for-service structure. This means our investment advice is always independent and objective. 

  • Independent


    We are not affiliated with any other investment fund company or distributor and we do not endorse any particular investment provider.




Our fees are calculated on a tiered percentage basis set against a scale of assets with fee discounts beginning at the three million dollar level. There are no hidden fees and all costs are disclosed and agreed upon before moving forward with any service. 

On the first $3,000,000 1.00%
Over the next $2,000,000 0.75%
Over the next $5,000,000 0.50%
Over the next $5,000,000 0.375%
Over $15,000,000 0.25%

To qualify for Capstone's Discretionary Management services, clients must have a minimum of $500,000 investable assets.



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