Capstone’s Philosophy Guides our decisions.

Equipped with our key investment principles and a Biblical perspective, we apply a disciplined approach which allows us to remain focused on managing your assets with integrity and excellence.



Our Philosophy

Capstone strives to always practice the highest ethical standards.

Our values are at the core foundation of our business. They form our team’s best practices and guide all of our investment decisions.



Our Values

A highly qualified team of experienced professionals 

Established in 2004, Capstone Asset Management provides fee based discretionary wealth management and individual investment mandates. Our strong team, carefully expanded over many years, forms the backbone of Capstone and makes the firm what it is today. The team’s dedication and love for their work is demonstrated in long-standing tenures and an exceptionally low staff turnover rate. 



Our Team

Finding Balance: Young Families Edition

Raising a young family is challenging and when you throw into the mix the associated financial costs, it can become overwhelming. We have put together a few thoughts on how to survive those ‘crunch years’ and perhaps even set aside some extra funds for retirement. An ambitious goal? We will let you decide.

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