trent heppner


Relationship Manager and Dealing Representative

Trent Heppner

Relationship Manager and Dealing Representative

Trent joined Capstone’s Private Wealth team in 2023. With over 15 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry, Trent has successfully developed, led, and grown teams in the Commercial & Corporate Banking space, as well as the Wealth Management side of the industry.

Trent’s passion is working with clients to help them understand their needs and how best to steward their finances. He also finds that working for an organization like Capstone that has similar values as him, makes a considerable difference and allows Trent to bring his authentic self to work everyday.

When not at work, Trent can be found doing some form of physical activity, reading, socializing with friends and family, or trying new restaurants around the Lower Mainland area. Trent is committed to ongoing personal development and would consider himself a lifelong learner.